Our Social Justice and Ethical Citizenship Orientation

Our social justice curriculum combines values-driven decision-making skills with pragmatic, sustainable leadership tools. We ensure that young leaders are able to live, function, and thrive in the world as it is while still agitating on behalf of a better world yet to come. Through our curriculum, students learn about ethics, identity, social systems, business, activism, politics, economics, psychology, and history...but also learn how to navigate between the twin poles of helplessness and viciousness.

Our Fellows are given multiple opportunities to draw lines for themselves when it comes to their belief systems and where they stand on difficult and complex issues..Through group activities, heated dialogues, community engagement missions, self-reflective journaling, and their individual social impact capstone projects, our Fellows are also challenged to question when it is appropriate to rethink and redraw those lines in the face of everyday challenges and constraints.

This experiential learning model also provides Fellows with the ability to identify which leadership tool is most useful for each scenario, how to most effectively impact change based on a number of circumstances and considerations, and how to establish and maintain a healthy balance between idealism and pragmatism, romance and prudence, knowing when to stand up and understanding when to stand aside.