College Admissions Offer to Our Fellows

Over the span of three years offering the Ethical Citizens Fellowship to high school social leaders, Under A Tree has provided direct assistance in earning admissions offers to:

  • West Point Military Academy

  • Yale University

  • Harvard University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Stanford University

  • Columbia University

  • The University of Pennsylvania

  • Duke University

  • Cornell University

  • Amherst College

  • Swarthmore College

  • Williams College

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Emory University

  • Tufts University

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • College of William and Mary

  • Northeastern University

  • Boston University

  • University of Florida

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Southern California

  • And dozens of other elite colleges and universities.

Race To The Scholarships

House (FINAL 2017-18 STANDINGS)


Past Scholarships Awarded

To date, The Under A Tree Fund has awarded $20,100 in college scholarships to three cohorts of fellows. Here is a list of our past winners:



2018-2019: House of Riordan — Stephanie Berrios, Antonio Cue, Eli Blanco- Jimenez, Karina Huang, Jada Woullard (Somerset Academy Panther Award for Civic Leadership)

2017-18: House of Sagan -- Toyin Lasisi, Andrea Martinez, Stefano Pastrana, Michaella Saintil, and Sarena Torres (The Benjamin Butler Memorial Scholarship for Courage and Integrity)

2016-17: House of Bhutto

2015-16: House of Boleyn



2018-2019: Kayley Ulett (The Libby Mayberg Liss and Melvin Liss Memorial Scholarship for Social Justice and Equity)

2017-18: Michaella Saintil (The Garcia Family Scholarship for Women's Leadership & Empowerment)

2016-17: Daniel Roque & Adrianna Fajardo

2015-16: Maria Acevedo


The helen J. medlock and geneva penn scholarship for students with heart

2018-2019: Sameer Sridhar

the gonzalez family scholarship for latinx leadership

2018-2019: Katy Cook

the muhammad ali scholarship for UNAPOLOGETIC self-expression

2018-2019: Julian Suarez

the james kolar scholarship for intellectual ENTHUSIASM

2018-2019: Stefano Pastrana

the sabrina flores scholarship for passion and resilience

2018-2019: Rachel Rios

hearts on fire’s be the spark scholarship

2018-2019: Eli Blanco-Jimenez

the tabitha cherubin scholarship for nonconformity and trailblazing

2018-2019: Ian Scott

the sam scholarship for kindness and critical thinking

2018-2019: Neha Kallamvalli

the abigail cherubin scholarship for commitment to social justice

2018-2019: Richea Farquharson

the leaders 4 life scholarship

2018-2019: Karina Huang

the judge jerald klein memorial scholarship for generosity of spirit

2018-2019: Antonio Cue

the dr.yo scholarship for CHARISMATIC and VULNERABLE leadership

2018-2019: Jada Woullard

the julie and hector rodriguez scholarship for advocacy of mental health

2018-2019: Emily Rodriguez, Fadekemi Tella

the liss/bergman scholarship for women’s rights and leadership

2018-2019: Christina Lowe

the under a tree alumni council scholarship for community architecture

2018-2019: Andrea Martinez

the farrell anne ocasio scholarship for lifelong learning

2018-2019: Ian Scott

the roseanna demaria scholarship for fearless leadership

2018-2019: Richea Farquharson

the anthony o’neil scholarship for thoughful leadership

2018-2019: Neha Kallamvalli

The Windy City Scholarship for Collective Advocacy:

2017-18: Katy Cook & Camille Dumit


The UPS Foundation Scholarship for the logistics of caring

2017-18: Nick Mijares


The PREPORY SCHOLARSHIP for mentoring excellence

2017-18: Shada Thykandy


The Anthony O’Neil Scholarship for Thoughtful Leadership

2017-18: Zoe Lee


THE Farell Ann Ocasio Scholarship for the Love of Lifelong Learning

2017-18: Jhanae Douglas


the Maria Acevedo Scholarship for Strength & PassiON

2017-18: Tabitha Cherubin


The Rodriguez Family Scholarship for Resilience and Persistence in Leadership

2017-18: Andres Castillo & Donna De Castro


THE William Mayberg Memorial Scholarship for Wisdom and Justice

2017-18: House of Mazari -- Veronica Alvarez, Daniel Padron, Rachel Rios, Gianna Rodriguez, and Julian Suarez



2017-18: Tabitha Cherubin (The Kathy F. LeMay Scholarship for Transformative Authenticity) & Jhanae Douglas (The Sabrina Flores Scholarship for Love, Power & Justice)

2016-17: Sabrina Flores


the Gonzalez Family Scholarship for The Culture of Community

2017-18: Catalina Cardenas, Luz Hielscher, Brianna Murphy, Sameer Sridhar, Anakarina Mokhtary, Paul Reyes, Nadia Starks, Mia Luna, Ethan Martin, Jose Perez, and Angie Valdez



2016-17: Shada Thykandy


Mentor of the Year:

2018-2019: Sameer Sridhar

2015-16: Isabella Arias



2018-2019: House of Riordan

2017-2018: House of Sagan

2016-2017: House of Bhutto

2015-16: House of Malala

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