Our Program

A 38-week course of study providing emerging civic leaders with opportunities to grapple with questions of identity, justice, ethics, and their own social and civic responsibility.

Fellows are encouraged to critically examine current civic dilemmas and are taught how to skillfully and effectively navigate difficult decisions in an increasingly complex global society.  

The fellowship is based around skill-specific "missions" that challenge the fellows to translate theory into practice, knowledge into practice, and awareness into agency. Each fellow also completes the experience by implementing their own Social Impact Capstone Project.

Our Roadmap

Unit Major Themes Values & Tools
Identity, Culture & Values Personal and Group Identity
Our Place in the Universe: Humans in Time & Space
Genetics, Socialization & The Self
Moral Development & Core Values
Perception & Reality
Introspection & Expediency
Ethics, Ethnocentrism & Relativism The Human Experience
Interventionism, Colonialism & Crossing Borders
Competing Notions of Good & Evil
Universal Rights, Civil Liberties & Freedoms
Moral Subjectivity & Drawing Lines
Integrity & Acquiescence
Politics, Patriotism & The Press Democracy & Civic Duties
The Economics of Politics
Nationalism, War & Propaganda
The Military Industrial Complex
Media Ownership & Literacy
Trust & Skepticism
Socioeconomics, Class & Corporatism Wealth Distribution and Inequity
Poverty, Wealth & Economic Mobility
Deindustrialization, Unions & The Middle Class
The Rise of Corporate Welfare
Social Safety Net Responsibilities & Limits
Empathy & Detachment
Globalism, Consumerism & Environmentalism
Marketing, Advertising & Brand Loyalty
Materialism, Consumption & Sweatshop Labor
Mental Health, Depression & Pharmaceuticals
Food Production, Waste & Health
Climate Change Activism & Reform
Accountability & Impunity
Religion, Faith & Naturalism Interfaith Dialogue & Understanding
Religious Rivalry, Strife & Violence
Orthodoxy, Dogma & Change
Skepticism, Doubt & Criticism
Spirituality, Purpose & Meaning
Diplomacy & Candor
Race, Ethnicity & Colorism Racial Disparaties, Reparations & Reconciliation
The Criminal Justice System & Prison Industrial Complex
Diversity, Multiculturalism & "Post-Racial America"
Immigration, Xenophobia & American Identity
Beauty, Athletics & Pop Culture
Humility & Audacity
Sex, Gender & Sexuality Gender Roles & Expectations: Masculinity & Femininity
Reproductive Rights, Women's Health & The Body
The Impact of Religion, Family & Culture
Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse & Power
Healthy Sexuality and Relationships
Ingenuity & Continuity
Sexual Orientation, Heterosexism & Homophobia
Sexual Identity Across Time and Space
Sexual Identity Spectrum and Trans Identity
Biology, Neuroscience and Socialization
Origins of Discrimination, Bias & Hate
Policies, Laws, and Rights

Graciousness & Fierceness
Social Activism, Agency & Civic Leadership
The Traits of a Transformational Civic Leader
The Chemistry of Awareness, Accountability & AgencyHope, Pragmatism & Resilience
Community Engagement & Empowerment
Self-Care and Trauma Stewardship
Sustainability & Perseverance