The House of campos


Katy Cook Lead Mentor and Mentor of the House of Campos


Kayley is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. She is passionate about human rights. More specifically, she is passionate about correcting the unfair treatment of people in general. Aside from that, she enjoys makeup, drawing, and loves dogs.


Christian is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. He is passionate about social issues and desires to make real and impactful change in the world.


Matthew is a senior at Somerset Academy High School. He is a hardworking and passionate individual who strives to work for the improvement of our society. He is extremely passionate about working to save our environment and hopes to educate all those around him on our ecological impact.


Leslie is a junior at Somerset Arts Conservatory, specifically concentrating in theatre. She is super passionate about makeup, which allows her to express her creativity as well as working together with others to create a more accepting, ethical, and just world.


Richea is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. She is 16 years old and her favorite hobbies include singing and drawing. She hopes to attend art school and major in illustration.


The House of Dumezweni


Julian Suarez Mentor of the House of Dumezweni


Christina Lowe is a senior at Somerset Academy Hifh School. She hopes that the skills and values she learns through Under A Tree will be carried with her to the college level and throughout her life.


Fabi is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. She has a passion for the arts and loves to put smiles on people's faces. She likes to surround herself with positive people and make the most of everyday.


Karen is a senior at Somerset Academy High School and is passionate about art and loves taking care of babies. She spends most of her time shopping and watching Grey's Anatomy. She hopes that women globally will one day have access to equal education and laws that protect them. She is also passionate about the rights for Black people and the LGBT community. Karen hopes through Under a Tree that she'll learn about various viewpoints that will open her mind to different ideas.


Jorge is a junior at Somerset Academy High School who enjoys debating a variety of topics with others. He is passionate about helping out immigrants and the less fortunate. In his free time, Jorge likes exercising and playing basketball with his friends.


Emily is a junior at Somerset Arts Conservatory and is very excited to be a part of the Under A Tree family. She looks forward to helping her communtiy and expanding her knowledge about various social issues.

The House of Hawking


Stefano Pastrana Mentor of the House of Hawking


Lucie is a senior at Somerset Academy High School with a passion for theatre. In her spare time, she loves watching TV, going out to eat, and hanging out with friends. She is very excited to learn from and get to know her fellows.


Francesca is a senior at Somerset Academy High School and hopes to attend college in California or New York. She would like to major in Biology as a pre-med student. Francesca enjoyes painting, helping others, and becoming more aware about topics and opposing views.


Fadekemi is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. She is an avid reader and believes that informing oneself about the world is essential to self-awareness. She is obsessed with the Food Network and excited to learn and grow as a result of this fellowship.


Angella is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. She is hardworking, caring, and passionate and loves to spend time with her friends. She is very determined and will fight strongly to satisfy those around her. She is also extremely loving and has a very caring heart.


Ricardo is a junior at Somerset Acadmy High School. He is very passionate about the condition of global refugees. Through Under A Tree, he seeks to make a difference and become more proactive in helping refugees get the care and assistance they need as well as access basic life opportunities too often denied to them.


The House of Lee


Rachel Rios Mentor of the House of Lee

Ian is a junior at Somerset Academy High School. He is a young activist and aspiring writer. His passions include reading and learning more about the world. He strongly believes that there is nothing more valuable than knowledge.


Johannie is a junior at Somerset Academy. She is glowing, growing, and on the way to being her best self. Everything will manifest because she wrote it, and she feels she is not lucky but blessed. Johannie is an unfinished masterpiece, and adds, "Everyone will be waiting on the reveal."


Neha is a junior at Somerset Academy High School and partakes in dual enrollment at Broward College. She is an avid reader who enjoys everything from classics to nonfiction literary magazines. She has always shared a passion for engaging in intellectual conversation regarding multiple world matters and listening to the various perspectives and mindsets of others. She believes that everyone has an impact on the planet we call home and it is up to each individual to choose what kind of footprint we leave behind.


Isa is a senior at Somerset Academy High School. She is originally from Brazil speaks and fluently speaks four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German. She is very inspired to fight for justice, equality, and freedomand has found motivation from her peer Emma Gonzalez to advocate for gun reform. She loves to speak up about social issues and fight for a better world.


Noah is a senior at Somerset Academy High School. He was born in South Florida and raised in a Cuban and Puerto Rican family. He greatly enjoys the power and promise of individuality in the forms of film, storytelling, and free speech.


The House of Riordan


Sameer Sridhar Mentor of the House of Riordan

Eli Blanco-Jimenez is a junior at Somerset Academy High School who actively encourages peace amongst different groups regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, or any aspect of identity. She is passionate about discussing difficult issues and social problems facing herself and those around her. She also enjoys photography, playing music, and spending time with the people she cares about.

Karina is a senior who finds happiness in reading, shopping, and playing with her two dogs. She may have a caffeine addiction, and 9 times out of 10, you'll catch her with a cup of coffee in her hand. She's passionate about worldwide gender and race equality, and hopes that they will both become a reality soon.


Jada is a junior in the Somerset Academy Arts Conservatory and is currently the Vice President of the Somerset Academy Class of 2020. Born and raised in South Florida, she is a member of the Pantherette Dance Team and is involved in various dance groups outside of school. Jada's passions include dance, photography, literature, and all other forms of art. Aside from her artistic values, Jada is incredibly ardent about social issues that affect our society and especially her own generation. She is specifically concerned with raising awareness about: colorism, women's rights, racism, and climate change.


Antonio is a junior at Somerset Academy Arts Conservatory, concentrating in theatre. He is passionate about social issues and wants to bring positive change to the community. Some of the issues he is most passionate about are equal rights and common-sense gun control.

Stephanie is a junior at Somerset Academy and absolutely loves to read and experience new things. She is independent, smart, funny, outgoing, and an overall kind person. She really likes meeting new people and is quite passionate about animal and environmental rights as well as immigration issues in today's society.