The Religion Roundtable: Reflection, Rumination, and Refutation

Raising children with or without religion. Confronting scientific evidence while reconciling it with our own faith. Reflecting on the parameters of an afterlife. Pondering a world devoid of religion entirely.

The world’s greatest theologians, scientists, and philosophers have found themselves at a loss for a clear answer to these very points – yet on Thursday, February 8, 2018, the fellows and mentors of Under A Tree, along with their extended community, attempted to do just that at UAT’s 3rd Annual Religion Roundtable.

They engaged in civil discourse on the nature of religion, how people interacted with religion, and how they interacted with each other in the context of religion. They convened 180 students, parents, siblings, and community members at Somerset Academy High School in South Florida to tackle this – to build empathy, engage in intellectual and impassioned dialogue, and gain insight into the beliefs of their neighbors and community.

A look at the photos below reveal the engagement of all participants and the open environment created by the robust dialogue. Civil conversation creates compassion.

The goal has always been to foster in not only fellows, but for all in attendance, a sense of awareness, accountability, and the agency to carry the discussion out of that room and into all aspects of their lives. Events like this remind us exactly why we want to empower young people to be leaders of the now and not just leaders of the future.

As we carry forward the legacy of leadership and activism, we are reminded from events like these that ceaseless dialogue will remain fundamental regardless of where we go.


Shada Thykandy is a senior, UAT '17 alumna, and Mentor of the House of Mazari for UAT's 17-18 cohort. She was born in South India and has since lived in Singapore, Minnesota, New York, and South Florida. Her household includes her two supportive parents and younger sister. Shada regards school as her highest priority but also enjoys writing, reading, and listening to music. She is an active member at her local mosque, and loves learning about different cultures and engaging in intellectual conversation regarding the controversial issues our American society faces.