Free Your Mind

The poem below was actually written several months before I was admitted into Under A Tree, and I really didn’t have any intentions of sharing it to anyone. But after being part of sessions like Cold Dead Hands and Things We Carry I thought this would be a better fit than anything else I would have written. This poem was a personal response to what I was going through at the time, but being in this fellowship has helped me remember that everyone goes through things and everyone needs a hand. The poem is about changing your perspective and recognizing the great powers of the mind, which happen to be main ideas in stage two. This way of thinking really helped me get through a lot, and although it may not resonate so deeply with everyone, I’m hoping to touch just someone.

Open your eyes,

Open your mind.

Rid yourself and rid your life of your mental, physical, and spiritual restrictions.

Let yourself run wild,

Let yourself run free.

Explore new beginnings and respond to greater callings.

You’d be surprised what the other side holds for you,

You just have to be willing to make that step.

Liberate yourself,

Change your perspective.

Change the way you look at life.

The power of your thoughts is incredible really,

You have the power over things,

Or things have the power over you.

So which will it be?

Will you make the most of your time

And look for the good in all things?

Or will you let the negative overcome the positive?

Will you let it swarm you?

Consume you?

Until it’s like you’re drowning,

Free falling.

Free falling into a rabbit hole of never ending restlessness,

And hopelessness,

And depression,

And anxiety.

Of never ending darkness,

And dark thoughts,

And torment.

Too bad this isn’t Wonderland,

And too bad you’re not Alice.

Too bad this isn’t a bad dream,

And that you’re you,

And this just might be your reality.

Change your focus,

Rethink your priorities.

It’s important that we set ourselves up for success in the future,

But it’s crucial that we set ourselves up for happiness right now.

Tomorrow is not promised.

Be grateful you lived through yesterday,

You’re blessed if you see another.

But you’re living in the now, so focus on right now.

Give your attention to what is presently at hand.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life

And miss the most beautiful moments.

Cherish what you have,

And appreciate where you are.

Trust the plans that God has for you.

Trust that you are where you are for a reason,

That greater is coming,

And you’ll be paid in full.

Search for peace,

Search for you.

Be really, genuinely at rest

And find the real, genuine you.

Reach deep within yourself and uncover your truths.

Solve your inner conflicts.

Satisfy your hunger,

Thirst no more.

You cannot control what happens to you,

But you can control how you react.

You can control what you do,

And you can control who you are.

Be the best that you can be.

Strive to be better than who you were yesterday.

Better yourself,

and never squander an opportunity.

What a waste it would be if you didn’t live your best life,

A shame really.

That’s how some people decide to live their lives I suppose.

They’re okay with remaining stagnant,

They’re okay with settling.

Some people are okay with staying in that rabbit hole.

They’re okay with their life spiraling out of control,

Their negligence and nonchalant attitude

Running them to ruins,

With a crash

And then they burn.

But I know my worth,

And I know what I want and where I want to be.

And there’s a lot of things that I don’t know,

That I’m completely unaware of.

Like how I’m going to get there,

And the specificities and details of it all.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow,

Heck I don’t know what will happen in the next five minutes.

What I do know, though,

Is that staying in the same place isn’t part of the plan.

I might wander in the desert a little while longer than I anticipated,

But if you learn from the situations and circumstances of life

Then nothing is ever a waste of time.

I will succeed,

And more importantly I will grow.

I refuse to live a life of regrets and empty promises.

She believed she could,

So she did,

Therefore I can,

And so I will.

Johannie is a junior at Somerset Academy. She is glowing, growing, and on the way to being her best self. Everything will manifest because she wrote it, and she feels she is not lucky but blessed. Johannie is an unfinished masterpiece, and adds, "Everyone will be waiting on the reveal."