"UnderAThree": Our Third Annual Ethical Citizens Fellowship Commences

On September 10th, our third Ethical Citizens Fellowship will officially commence with 25 new high school fellows and five peer mentors to instruct and guide them throughout the experience.

The mentors (Tabitha Cherubin, Jhanae Douglas, Nick Mijares, Zoe Lee, and Shada Thykandy) and our leadership team (Director of Fellowship Recruitment & Experience, Andres Castillo, and Director of Development & Special Events, Donna Patricia de Castro) recently met in South Florida to build trust, share perspectives and hopes, and define individual, team, and organizational goals for the coming year.

A day before departing for her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, Maria Acevedo (Fellow of The Year, '16, Lead Mentor, '17) joined to discuss her experience as a mentor, share best practice strategies for success, and motivate the mentors in their duty of motivating others. She will be missed beyond words!

The leadership team reviewed past fellow survey data and explored solutions to perennial program challenges. After much critical discussion, they established the following priorities for the '17-'18 year:

  1. Better motivate fellows to consistently attend live sessions and contribute meaningfully to the collective dialogue and social activism missions;
  2. Enhance House culture, cohesiveness, and identity;
  3. Ensure that the long-standing closeness of the leadership team is utilized to build trust and acceptance rather than constrain healthy debate and accountability amongst friends;
  4. Identify and develop future mentors as well as inspire fellows, community members, and stakeholders to help raise funds in order to safeguard the organization's continuing existence.
  5. Improve public storytelling when it comes to capturing the achievements of the fellows and more clearly articulating our positive social impact;

What a year awaits us! We thank you for supporting, contributing to, and following our journey.


Note: Applications for the fellowship are currently open to juniors and seniors at Somerset Academy High School and Somerset Arts Conservatory High School. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August 30th.
Admissions decisions will be announced on Friday, September 8, 2017.