Capturing Attention and Cultivating Agency

Despite being depleted from weeks of AP Exam preparation and testing and sandwiched just before the thrilling release of graduation/summer vacation, our Fellows still somehow managed to create, implement, and execute their personalized capstones on a social issue/civic problem of their choosing.

The mission? Quite simple: Promote awareness (what it is people should care about it), garner accountability (why it is that people should care and why it matters to them), and promote agency (how can they actually go about doing something about it themselves moving forward).

In the final stage of our fellowship, facing more obstacles and barriers, our Fellows more than rose to the occasion. Over a span of two weeks in late May, they successfully implemented 30 community activism capstones on topics ranging from ending sexual violence to fighting environmental racism to shining a light on teen depression and addiction. In the process, they raised awareness in their local communities as well as online, inspired other elementary, middle, and high school students to think more critically and care more about the world we share, and experienced firsthand the difficulties and frustrations of creating social change but also the gifts, joy, and purpose of trying, learning, and persisting in the struggle nonetheless!

Please check out some highlights of our Fellows' work and be sure to click on all the links and explore some of what they created in more detail. We couldn't be more inspired by the work they invested in this effort and the foundations they have built to support the ongoing construction of a better tomorrow.