Our Program

A 38-week course of study providing emerging civic leaders with opportunities to grapple with questions of identity, justice, ethics, and their own social and civic responsibility.

Fellows are encouraged to critically examine current civic dilemmas and are taught how to skillfully and effectively navigate difficult decisions in an increasingly complex global society.  

The fellowship is based around skill-specific "missions" that challenge the fellows to translate theory into practice, knowledge into practice, and awareness into agency.

Each fellow also completes the experience by designing, implementing, and managing their own Social Impact Capstone Project.

Our Concept Roadmap

StageMajor ThemesValue & Tool ReinforcedStage "Mission" InstrumentKnowledge & Skills Developed By Mission
Identity, Culture & The Search For ValuesThe Chemistry of Personal and Group Identity
Cosmic Context and Finding Meaning
Moral Development and Ethical Values
Perception, Reality and Illusion
Presenting/ DebatngInfluence of Careful Case Construction and Principled Argumentation
Health, Wellness & SustainabilityMental Health, Depression and Anxiety
Addiction and Escape
Consumerism and Escapism
Climate Change Activism and Reform
PodcastingPower of Transparency and Authentic Storytelling
Politics, Patriotism & The PressDemocracy, Discourse and Representation
Nationalism, War and Propaganda
The Military Industrial Complex
Media Ownership and Media Literacy
Social Media Campaigning/ PetitioningTranslation of Complex Ideas Into Accessible Information and Actionable Follow-Up
Socioeconomics, Class & StatusWealth Distribution and Inequality
Economic Mobility and Struggle
Deindustrialization, Globalization and Employment
Social Welfare and Corporate Welfare
PhotobloggingImpact of Personal Human Connection When Raising Awareness About Abstract Concepts
Religion, Faith & DoubtThe History and Diversity of Faith
Religious Interpretation and Competition
Orthodoxy, Reform and Doubt
Spirituality, Purpose and Meaning
Community Event PlanningSignificance of Creating and Facilitating Structured Community-Based Discourse
Sex, Gender & OrientationGender Roles, Social Norms and Expectations
Sexual Violence and Rape Culture
Sexism, Double Standards and Access Gaps
Sexual Identity, Fluidity and Self-Discovery
Active Programming/ TablingPromotion of Local Change Through Direct Community Engagement and Empowerment
Race, Ethnicity & The Color LineRacial Disparities, Reparations & Reconciliation
Criminal Justice and Economic Opportunity
Authenticity, Appropriation and Belonging
Race and Ethnicity in Media and Pop Culture
Letter-writingCogency of the Written Word
Awareness, Accountability & AgencyStrategies for Amplifying Social Impact
Hope, Pragmatism and Resilience
Community Engagement and Empowerment Tools Self-Care and Trauma Stewardship
Fellow's Personal Choice/ CapstoneRealization of the Joy, Fulfillment and Struggle Endemic to Sustained Agency