Our Social Justice and Ethical Citizenship Orientation

Our social justice curriculum combines values-driven decision-making skills with pragmatic, sustainable leadership tools. We ensure that young leaders are able to live, function, and thrive in the world as it is while still agitating on behalf of a better world yet to come. Through our curriculum, students learn about ethics, identity, social systems, business, activism, politics, economics, psychology, and history...but also learn how to navigate between the twin poles of helplessness and viciousness.

Shadow Transformational Values Constructive Tools Shadow
Inertia Introspection Expediency Hastiness
Sanctimony Integrity Acquiescence Corruption
Naivate Trust Skepticism Pessimism
Mawkishness Empathy Detachment Callousness
Paralysis Accountability Impunity Recklessness
Complicity Diplomacy Candor Boorishness
Inadequacy Humility Audacity Narcissism
Instability Ingenuity Continuity Obduracy
Submissiveness Graciousness Fierceness Cruellty
Resignation Sustainability Perseverance Insatiability

All of our curriculum is designed utilizinG our PROPRIETARY INSPIRE Framework

I.ncorporate Multiple Narratives
N.urture Critical Analysis
S.timulate Perspective-Taking
P.romote Self-Reflection
I.ntegrate Immediacy and Intimacy
R.evitalize Agency
E.ncourage Activism