Our Program

A 38-week course of study providing emerging civic leaders with opportunities to grapple with questions of identity, justice, ethics, and their own social and civic responsibility.

Fellows are encouraged to critically examine current civic dilemmas and are taught how to skillfully and effectively navigate difficult decisions in an increasingly complex global society.  

The fellowship is based around skill-specific "missions" that challenge the fellows to translate theory into practice, knowledge into practice, and awareness into agency.

Each fellow also completes the experience by designing, implementing, and managing their own Social Impact Capstone Project.

Our Concept Roadmap

Stage Themes
Identity, Culture and The Search For Values
Health, Wellness and Sustainability
Politics, Patriotism and the Press
Socioeconomics, Class and Status
Religion, Faith and Doubt
Sex, Gender and Orientation
Race, Ethnicity and the Color Line
Awareness, Accountability and Agency