Under A Tree is dedicated to reclaiming and redefining the meaning of leadership. We seek to cultivate a new generation of civic leaders and social entrepreneurs who are ethical, compassionate, accountable, and unrelenting in their pursuit of justice.



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Professional Development for Educators 

What We Believe


Under a Tree, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization founded upon the notion that all young people are capable of being more socially conscious citizens and change agents.

Just as Socrates sat with Plato under a tree in Ancient Greece, we believe that young people are not merely future leaders but are leaders of the now who are already primed, with the proper mentoring and guidance, to change the future for the better..

If we provide young people with the opportunity to think critically, discuss openly, and question actively, they will help move the world in the direction of justice, equity, and liberation.



Our ethical leadership programs are constructed and facilitated based on the guiding principles of our INSPIRE® Framework:

Incorporate Multiple Narratives
Nurture Critical Analysis
Stimulate Perspective-Taking
Promote Self-Reflection
Integrate Immediacy and Intimacy
Revitalize Agency
Encourage Activism

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